E-Waste Recycling Mumbai

E-Waste Recycling is one of the major ways that the community is staying on top of keeping India clean.

One major problem with e-waste recycling is that the process of recycling e-waste can be as dangerous for the environment as dumping e-waste in a waste management facility.

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Data Wiping Services

Data wiping is sometimes known as disk wiping which is a secure erase procedure to destroy or delete data. It is mostly performed on top most confidential or "sensitive" data of companies which they do not want to get accessed.

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Toner Cartridge Services

Due to increasing environmental hazards, recycling of electronic waste is greatly encouraged. Research has revealed that it actually takes several years for a single cartridge to decompose.

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Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction is vital for quite a number of reasons. Most companies store their confidential data in hundreds of hard disk. After several years of usage, these disks become irrelevant which become useless.

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E-Waste Hazards Services

Electronic waste or E-Waste" is defined as discarded computers, printers, office electronic equipment, refrigerators, mobile phones, and entertainment electronic devices such as television sets, music systems etc.

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Our Services:

E-Waste Recycling

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E-Waste Recycling offers a secure solution for your corporate electronic waste. Our secure E-Waste recycling process involves thorough data destruction of hard drives.

Data Wiping

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Data wiping is the process of logically removing data from a read/write medium so that it can no longer be read.

Toner Cartridge

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Data Destruction

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Data destruction is the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes.

E-Waste Hazards

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The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program (HHW) gives Los Angeles County residents a legal and cost-free way to dispose of unwanted household chemicals that cannot be disposed of in the regular trash.

More Services

E-Waste recycling services require a lot of manpower to carry out the recycling processes and create jobs for skilled professional recyclers. It also creates new markets for the valuable components that are dismantled and supports the economy.

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Accepted Materials
E-Waste Recyclers India recycles all electronic devices in an environmentally safe manner. Recyclable materials include but are not limited to: TVs (LCD, Plasma, CRT), Monitors, Computers, Laptops, Printers, Audio/video equipment, Auto Batteries, Copper wire, Miscellaneous, Computer equipment, Personal electronic devices, Large Electronics (i.e. Copiers, Fax machines, Washers, Refrigerators), Small Electronics (i.e. Keyboards, Mice, CD players, Cell phones, Telephones)

We recycle and offer destruction services for many items in addition to the list above. Please contact us for more information.

Auto Battery Recycling
Auto battery recycling is an important part of electronic waste recycling. Automobiles require an SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) battery to power the ignition system, startup motor and lights. This battery is mostly a rechargeable type battery. Auto and truck batteries contain galvanic cells that normally provide vehicles with a potential difference of 12 volts.

Certification of Recycling
E-Waste Recyclers India provides our clients with “Certificates of Disposal” to verify that the documented materials have not only been received by EWC, but have also been treated in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the CIWMB and DTSC pursuant to section 66273.83, subsection {c}, along with the California Code of Federal Regulations (CCFR) Title 22 Chapter 50.

Computer & TV Recycling
E-Waste Recyclers India is a premier e-waste recycling company, guiding and assisting businesses and individuals to dispose of their electronic items in a safe and eco-friendly way. We take pride in serving our customers with utmost dedication and timely attention to recycling issues.

EPR agreement with E-Waste Recyclers India
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) means responsibility of any producer of electrical or electronic equipment, for channelization of e-waste to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste. Extended Producer Responsibility may comprise of implementing take back system or setting up of collection centers or both and having agreed arrangements with authorized dismantler or recycler either individually or collectively through a Producer Responsibility Organisation recognised by producer or producers.