E-Waste Recycling Mumbai

E-Waste Recycling is one of the major ways that the community is staying on top of keeping India clean.

One major problem with e-waste recycling is that the process of recycling e-waste can be as dangerous for the environment as dumping e-waste in a waste management facility.

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Data Wiping Services

Data wiping is sometimes known as disk wiping which is a secure erase procedure to destroy or delete data. It is mostly performed on top most confidential or "sensitive" data of companies which they do not want to get accessed.

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Toner Cartridge Services

Due to increasing environmental hazards, recycling of electronic waste is greatly encouraged. Research has revealed that it actually takes several years for a single cartridge to decompose.

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Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction is vital for quite a number of reasons. Most companies store their confidential data in hundreds of hard disk. After several years of usage, these disks become irrelevant which become useless.

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E-Waste Hazards Services

Electronic waste or E-Waste" is defined as discarded computers, printers, office electronic equipment, refrigerators, mobile phones, and entertainment electronic devices such as television sets, music systems etc.

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Data Wiping

Data wiping is the process of logically removing data from a read/write medium so that it can no longer be read. Performed externally by physically connecting storage media to a hardware bulk-wiping device, or internally by booting a PC from a CD or network, it is a nondestructive process that enables the medium to be safely reused without loss of storage capacity or leakage of data.

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Wiping data is a process which allows users to completely erase data from a disk. When data is wiped, the sectors of the disk where files and folders were situated physically are rewritten with zeroes (the data can't be recovered) in contrast to a process of ordinary files deletion when only the pointer to the file in the file allocation table is deleted (files in this case can be restored).

• 100% guaranteed data wiping from all your data bearing assets
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• On-site data wiping options for data which can’t leave your premises
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